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Comprehensive Motor Coverage for Corporate Truck and Fleet

DIC offers comprehensive Motor Insurance policy for business-owned vehicles and corporate fleets in the UAE

Motor insurance policy at DIC is offered to business-owned vehicles and corporate fleets for coverage on both physical damage and third party liability (as mandated by the UAE law).

DIC provides motor insurance coverage for the following cases:

Physical damage, to protect the policy holder for damage or loss of the insured vehicle under the following circumstances:

  • accidental collision
  • overturning
  • external explosion, self-ignition
  • theft, or
  • malicious acts.
  • damage or loss during transport via road, rail, inland waterway, lift, or elevator

Third party liability is a policy mandated by the UAE law that provides indemnity to the insured against legal responsibility inflicted to a third party while using the motor vehicle. DIC provides coverage for the following third party risks:

  • death/bodily injury
  • damages for materials and property

Truck Insurance & Motor Fleet Insurance for UAE-based companies

Motor fleet insurance policy at DIC provides coverage for company-owned vehicle fleet (minimum of 10 vehicles) under a single policy.

Commercial truck insurance policy offers liability coverage and truck cargo coverage for truckers and owner operators. DIC use the best technology and provides the most flexible policy options to meet individual business requirements.

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