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Protect Your Business in the Face of Errors and Omissions (E & O)
—DIC Offers Liability Insurance for Professionals, Medical Malpractice Insurance, and More

As a professional, your training and experience makes you part of a highly regarded community of people that are in demand due to the specialty services they provide. Whether you are a doctor, engineer, lawyer or accountant; practicing as an individual or working for a company, you are among the professionals that people reach out to for advice and consultation.

However, you are only human and can occasionally make errors—what if these errors cost you your business, your reputation, and more? What if your advice or consultation goes wrong or is misinterpreted? As a professional with a large or small practice, you carry the risk of being sued for malpractice or professional liability, which can threaten your career and significantly impact your revenues.

Your E&O insurance policy would typically cover the following:

Financial losses caused by error or omission

Alleged failure to perform

Wrongful act

Defense costs

Misstatements or misleading statements

Breach of confidentiality

Unintentional breach of contract

Types of E&O policies


- E&O policies take different forms depending on the profession that you practice.

Miscellaneous Professional Indemnity for consultants, lawyers and solicitors, teachers, IT developers, designers, programmers, trainers, translation services, tour / travel agencies, hotel consultancies, arbitrators, court experts, etc. Applicable to individual practitioners and companies engaging such practitioners for assignments.

Financial Institutions Professional Indemnity for investment advisors, wealth managers, stock brokers, insurance companies, insurance brokers, bankers, etc. Applicable to individual practitioners and companies engaging such practitioners.

Medical Malpractice Insurance for individual practitioners or for entities such as clinics, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, cosmetology centers, spas, etc. This type of coverage is required by the regulatory authorities and can be obtained by practitioners as individuals or in a group as employees of an entity.

Directors and Officers Insurance for the senior executives of a company. This policy pays out the directors and officers of a company or the corporation itself to cover damages or defense costs in the event they suffer such losses as a result of a lawsuit for alleged wrongful acts while acting in their capacity as directors and officers for the organization.

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