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Cover Your Business in a Climate of Political Risk —Obtain Political Risk Insurance in Dubai, UAE or all GCC

If you run a company with global aspirations that intends to spread its wings beyond your country of domicile, you need to think beyond the business climate. You can establish your company in developed markets or even emerging economies based on the business viability it presents. These foreign markets provide business investment and marketing opportunities. However, you also need to consider the political climate. Is it stable, volatile, prone to sudden bursts of uncertainty? Are there likely to be any new risks that you are unfamiliar with? Emerging economies, in particular, can expose you to political risks that can result in significant losses for your company.

DIC’s Political Risk Insurance provides a suite of offerings that cover a broad range of political risks.

Political risks can be classified in the following categories:

Confiscation, Expropriation a Deprivation for Permanent and Mobile Investments and Assets. Loss of ownership or control of an investment as a result of illegal seizure of your assets by the host/foreign government or the government restricting operations due to the political/economic circumstances.

Exportation and Importation covers for Cross-border Trade. This can take the form of export/import license cancellationfor your goods and services or not honoring your letter of credit, or in anyway Deterioration or Repudiation of Service Contracts entered with polictical entities.

Benefits of Political Risk Insurance:


With DIC’s Political Risk Insurance, you will have the following advantages:

Safeguard your assets held overseas

Rise beyond the basic cover provided by property insurance

Enable access to your funds held in the foreign country

Make your foreign investment viable and attractive to your creditors, investors and potential shareholders

Protect your company against non-payment of dues or contract cancellation by the foreign partner/government

Ensure that rights granted to you at the start of the contract or the investment are abided by thru the life of the contract or investment.

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