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Jewelers Block Insurance—Valuable Coverage for Your Valuables!

Secure Your Jewelers Block Insurance and Jewelry Insurance in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

Business insurance is not a new concept, however, the awareness of the extent or type of covers available for different sectors is limited. For instance, as a jewelry business owner, you already know of the liability and business interruption insurance.You may also have insurance for your store that includes furniture, computers, display material and other assets.

What about the actual products that you sell? The jewelry itself!Is there a policy specifically made for the jewelry industry? If this question is on your mind, then you need to chat with our team at Dubai Insurance Company about Jewelers Block Insurance.These are specialty insurance products which are not known to the conventional insurance agents and brokers and you need an expert provider that caters to the jewelers block.

DIC’s Jewelers Block Insurance is an all-risk insurance policy that provides comprehensive cover tailored for the needs of jeweler’s risks. Our policy extends toinclude retail, wholesale, repairs and manufacturing businesses. Even sellers of art, antique dealers and similar trades can take advantage of this type of policy.

What Will the Policy Cover?

Jewelers Block Insurance in Dubai will provide cover for all precious metals (like gold, silver platinum), gems and stones (like sapphire, emerald, diamond, ruby), and other antique or precious items of high value.

Unforeseen events like the following are also under the purview of this type of insurance:

Theft, burglary, robbery, shoplifting

Substitution and accidental damage

Fire, explosion

Riot or strike, malicious damage

Imagine an insurance policy that can be extended to cover property while in the custody of the insured's partners and/ or employees! Ask us about this type of coverage for your jewelry business premises and assets

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