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SME Medical Insurance


Small and Medium Enterprises sector today forms the central nerve of the economy of the Emirate of Dubai. UAE has about 300,000 SME’s and accounts for about 86% of private sector employment. 95% of all registered firms in Dubai comprises of SME’s.


Considering the rapid growth of the SME sector, we have expanded our range of Comprehensive Medical Insurance Products especially, designed for SME’s.

Dubai Insurance now offers Medical Insurance solutions to SME’s with census count between 5 Employees -
99 Members. Our products are DHA and HAAD compliant. We also provide solutions for SME’s registered in the other Emirates of UAE.

Our Comprehensive range of benefits include Annual Check-ups, Maternity, Dental, Optical, Alternative Medicine, Medical Evacuation and Critical illness components and many other value added benefits. And the provider networks we offer are the best available in the market.

Our underwriting process is quite simple, requiring individual declarations of pre-existing conditions only when the group size is below 11. Above that, groups between 11-99 members census count are MHD (Medical History Disregarded).

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