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CEOs Message | Dubai Insurance

In less than a decade Dubai Insurance Company has grown from a rather small company writing less than AED 20 mm, to one which is well on its way to surpass AED 350 mm in 2015.

The process has been as the result of hard work and dedication of the rank and file of the company. And it has been an exciting ride.

We are proud to bring some notable strides over the last year to your attention which include

  • A M Best rating upgrades;
  • Growth in the number of specialty programs in our portfolio of products including Credit and Surety;
  • Expanding our Group Medical programs to now service SMEs having employee and dependent census counts of below 100;
  • Formidable tie-ups with Major International Insurers, Associations and Corporates in joint marketing of insurance products.


We continue our membership as a member of the Swiss Life Network to service major international accounts on their employee benefit needs offering products in line with those offered by our international peers;

Our CRM program continues to grow in sophistication allowing better customer experience in their day to day interactions with Dubai Insurance

We have entered to arena of mobile convenience for our clients by offering them access to our medical network over cell phones as well as the ability to file claims using cell phones and/or our website. Very shortly, clients shall also have the ability to enter into live chats with our customer service personnel directly through our website.

The current market continues to resist a hardening in many areas of insurance. Excessive capacities continue to be available for risks in the market, delaying rigorous implementation of premium pricing which should more accurately reflect the levels of risk.

But we are staying our course – growth, increased market share? Yes, very important to us, but not at the cost of compromising basic insurance principles of premium accurately reflecting probability of loss.

This is our front line marketing message, as we try to educate the insured and their intermediaries, as their partners, in management of risk.

Each and every member of our Company looks forward to hearing from you, our partners, to explore the many ways in which we can assist in your risk management needs, and assure you of our full cooperation towards this.

We look forward to a future of growth and prosperity, in partnership with all, with continued faith and vigor.

Abdellatif Abuqurah


Chief Executive Officer