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Chairmans message | Dubai Insurance

Ever since its establishment, Dubai Insurance has endeavored to expand its capabilities in terms of products and infrastructure, to best service the growing risk management needs of corporations based in the UAE in specific, and throughout the region in general.

Our growth,while consistently steep over the past decade, has admittedly slowed down. This is by explicit management decision, and due to market premium pricing pressures on the one hand, and our steadfast objective to first and foremost maintain profitability on the other.

The state of the global economy has been perilous over the past few years. Our country and our region have not been immune to the volatility, but we are proud to report that Dubai Insurance, under the leadership of its able management, has weathered the storm with notable success.

Besides our Management and staff, it would be a severe oversight not to mention all the other parties without whom such success would be unattainable – Our Insureds who have had the confidence in us as their Insurer, the Brokers and other Intermediaries who have supported the changes we have made in our initiatives and the new strategies we have implemented to face the daily challenges we are confronted by; and last though not least our Reinsurers without whose guidance and support our offerings would be impossible.

We look forward to the future with continued expectations of all round success in partnership with all.

Buti Obaid Al Mulla