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The Corporate Global Health plans are underwritten by Dubai Insurance psc and designed by William Russell Limited.

Our flexible and affordable international health insurance plans are completely portable, so your cover won't stop when you cross a border.

The Corporate Global Health plans are for employers who want their staff to be able to access the very best private health care within Dubai, and globally.

The Plans

The Corporate Global Health plans provide cover anywhere in the world, so your employees are free to choose where they have their private medical treatment, within the medical network of providers chosen.

All Global Health clients can call on our 24/7 medical assistance helpline for immediate assistance at any time, from anywhere. If necessary, an air ambulance will be sent to transport your employees to a hospital in another country where they will get the care they need.

Our Corporate Global Health Silver and Gold plans cover long term medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, so your employees don’t have to worry about limitations on their cover if they are diagnosed with an illness which is chronic or long term.

Easy access to hospitals in Dubai, and worldwide

With their Neuron card, your employees and their families will have access to all of the medical providers within the chosen network. It’s a cashless system, so your employees don’t have to worry about the cost. If the need for treatment arises anywhere else in the world, our 24-hour emergency assistance service will provide all the assistance needed to ensure swift access to the best available medical facility.

Compare the plans to see which option is right for you, and your employees

Please CLICK HERE to download our Corporate Global Health Plans brochure to view the Table of Benefits which includes the annual limits for the insured person, as well as details of what is covered.