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Swiss Life Network

Swiss Life has more than 160 years of experience in affording people financial security. With individual pension and financial advice for private and corporate customers as well as proven investment expertise for institutional investors, we enable people to lead a self-determined life.


MaxHealth is a Leading International Private Medical Insurance in the UAE, serving corporate groups and individuals since its founding in 2014.With a fast, efficient, and dedicated team of experts, MaxHealth’s range of comprehensive and enhanced Health Insurance products offers extensive coverage that grants access to worldclass treatments, advanced medical procedures,and top-notch healthcare facilities on a global scale. MaxHealth is Your Health Insurance Hero.

Integra global
Integra global

We’re an uncommon company, for uncommon people.We’re a different breed of international health plan provider. Smaller, more flexible. Intelligent and personal. We create global health insurance plans for expats, and for others with unique insurance needs.

William Russell
William Russell

We are your partner for international insurance in Dubai. We are known for our distinct focus on customer care and efficient service. In partnership with William Russell, we have designed a range of international insurance plans for residents of Dubai that you can take with you as you move, renewing easily each year.

William Russell

Momentum Insurance Agents (MIA) - UAE, is an Insurance Agency partnering with Dubai Insurance. MIA was created to attract insurance business in the UAE Market using both traditional and online business models, aiming to acquire a share of a solid, growing and well-regulated market.MIA develops and markets Medical.


Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services Ltd. Group is active in the insurance and financial services industries - health insurance (medical, long-term care, dental insurance and travel insurance), non-life insurance (motor insurance, homeowners insurance, liabilities (indemnity) insurance, mortgage insurance and credit insurance), life assurance, pension funds, provident funds, education funds, mutual funds, portfolio management, ETFs and other financial services.

International Network Of Insurance

Established in 1979, INI is a Network of market leading insurance companies, located in over 150+ countries, across all continents. These partners work together to provide commercial and industrial non-life insurance programmes to international customers and brokers worldwide.


Remnto is a leading brand that manages health insurance solutions and drives innovation through a combination of technology and insurance-related expertise offered by a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Members benefit from added value through unique offerings. We are committed to operating with integrity and maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards in every aspect of its business.